The struggle is real. #ChallengetheStruggle.

Student mental health and wellbeing are important. Silverline is a student-led initiative that challenges how we all engage with mental health and wellbeing.

Join the movement and show you give a sh*t.

Silverline Live!

Silverline Live is yet another unexpected and creative initiative coming at ya thanks to Silverline Otago.

Silverline is all about exposing students to ways of wellbeing, including those that you would not typically expect (hence unexpected initiative!!!) SO the festival is all for you, and for all of you. This is a one night event so get amongst.

Silverline Live is all about taking over the silence and stigma that exists around mental health and wellbeing, especially from a student perspective. This once in a blue moon event is the fun aunty to the Silverline Festival event we held last year – so if that was a bit of you, Silverline Live will be right up your alley.

We will be sharing with you real people’s real life mental health struggles AND providing opportunities for you to dip your toes into the wellbeing space.

This flagship event will have TED-style talks from some epic speakers, meditation, a shakti space, music, epic community organisations, finger painting, smoothies, FOOD and more.  Our speakers are all mega passionate about what they do and are excited to come and share their knowledge and stories with Otago students.

Silverline Live is on Friday the 14th of September, 5.30 – 9pm here at the University of Otago. We will also kick off the day with a Fluro Friday in the morning, so keep an eye out for that invite.

Tickets are $10. Register for Silverline Live right HERE.

Silverline Live is your chance to be a part of our creative and unexpected movement that is Silverline and #challengethestruggle that can be our mental health and wellbeing!

#Challengethestruggle #SilverlineTakeover #Silverlinelive


Speakers + Presenters

Co-founder of Voices of Hope

Having overcome childhood abuse and multiple suicide attempts, Jazz Thornton has now dedicated her life to speaking hope and creating change in the area of mental health through her organisation Voices of Hope. Her unique experience and practical message has gained worldwide recognition, being shared through media, international speaking engagements and now through a new feature documentary film. Jazz is also currently directing a new TV series based around suicide that will air in March 2019. Living by the saying “it’s not about battling your past but fighting for your future” she believes that no matter what your going through it is possible to get through when you learn how to stop surviving and start fighting.

Personal Development Manager, The Highlanders

A one test All Black with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Diploma in Theology and Religious Studies, Mark currently works as the Personal Development Manager with the Highlanders rugby team. He loves a good yarn, a good book and going on adventures with his wife Sarah and two sons Thomas and Fergus.

5th Year Clinical Pyschology Student

Following her own experience with severe depression in her first year of uni, Tess is an Otago student whose personal mission is normalise the experience of psychological struggle and to illustrate the power of a passionate, educated and activated student body.

Founder, Awaken Meditation and Mindfulness

Vicky has created a personal development journey that is unique,  holistic, modernised, and open to people of all ages, stages and backgrounds. Awaken gives you the techniques to understand thought processes, to let go of limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs and therefore feel comfortable in your own skin, and most importantly your own mind. Vicky has a knack of taking ideas and manifesting them into reality, and quick!

Festival Volunteers Wanted

Can you help out at Silverline Live? We need a lot of hands on deck to make this event happen!

Want to come to Silverline Live for FREE? Score a ticket as a VOLUNTEER! You’ll get to help out at this exciting event and gain useful experiences as well as being able to attend sessions and workshops during your downtime.

Volunteer roles include:

Decoration Creators – Volunteer to help the Silverline Team create decorations for Silverline Live on Wednesday the 11th of September 3 – 5pm.

Fluro Friday Event Volunteers – Support the Silverline Team to run the Fluro Friday event 7.30 – 9.30am, Friday the 14th of September at St. Kilda Beach.

Event Muscle – Volunteer to help set up Silverline Live from 12pm onwards on Friday the 14th September.

Registration Volunteers – Students are required to pick up their Festival packs from 2 – 5pm, 14th September.

Space Activators – Are you confident and enthusiastic about mental health and wellbeing? We are looking for volunteers to be the matradee to our event “spaces” at Silverline Live – 14th September 7 – 9pm.

Register to be a volunteer here!