Festival Tickets

This festival is all for you, and for all of you.

Silverline Festival tickets are $15 (WHAT A STEAL) each but even better you can buy 2 tickets for $20!!!

So get your mates together and signup now to be a part of the Silverline Festival 2017 and #Challengethestruggle

Dates:  Friday 15 (evening only) – Saturday 16 September 2017

Location: University of Otago

Cost: $15 a ticket, $20 for two (i.e. bring a mate)

Registration and payment:

1. Register via the form below.

2. Pay for your ticket at the UniCrew Volunteer office (just outside the Central Library) on Tuesday the 12th and Wednesday 13th September 2017 with CASH ONLY. Just let them know the name of your buddy to make sure you get the $20 deal!