Silverline Live is all for you, and for all of you.

Silverline Live tickets are $10, so get your mates together and signup now to be a part of Silverline Live 2018 and #Challengethestruggle

Dates:  Friday 14 September 2018

Location: Castle 2 + The Link | University of Otago

Cost: $10 per person. Please pay in CASH to the Silverline Team who will be present at the following dates and times:

The Link (Castle end)
Wednesday 5 September 12-3pm
Thursday 6 September 1-4pm
Tuesday 11 September 2-1pm
Wednesday 12 September 2-4pm

Sponsors (i.e. ticket cost is being covered):

DEPARTMENTS (Limited numbers, so please message our page first)
Psychology (Postgraduate Students Only)
Microbiology And Immunology (Postgraduate Students Only)

A number of colleges are sponsoring RAs, so if that’s you, check with your college. If you are a RESIDENT, check out the general sponsored tickets below.

OPEN TO GENERAL STUDENTS (Limited numbers, so please message our page first)
International Office
UniCrew Volunteers
Silverline Otago
Disability Information and Support
Otago Tertiary Chaplaincy Board
Hands-On at Otago (helpers only)
University of Otago Student Health
Te Whare Tāwharau: Sexual Assault and Prevention Centre

ALL TICKETS HAVE BEEN ALLOCATED!!! Please email if you want to be kept on a waiting list.