FastFit ft. UniPol

Silverline and Unipol have teamed up together to give you guys an amazing opportunity! A FREE workout session on campus with a couple of the awesome group fitness classes they have on offer during the week! Trying these classes might create a newly found love for a class or even better, clear your mind on a stressful day! So…to make it even BETTER, we have a bundle of FREE one-off group fitness passes to give away throughout the day!

This will take place on Monday and Tuesday the 23/24th of April! Starting at 12:30pm, you will be able to jump in and out of the classes as you please! So come join the Silverline crew in our quest to promote wellbeing and fitness which you can do at our amazing facility, Unipol.

– If it weather does not permit, we will have it in Union Hall! So have no fear, the event will take place during sun or rain!
Can not wait to see all your lovely faces there! ❤