The Silverline Festival is yet another unexpected and creative initiative coming at ya thanks to Silverline Otago.

Silverline is all about exposing students to ways of wellbeing, including those that you would not typically expect (hence unexpected initiative!!!) SO the festival is all for you, and for all of you.

The event is set to include thought- provoking TED style talks, some amazing workshops, music, YOGA, fun and yes of course FOOD for festival-goers who attend!\

This flagship event is proud to include speakers who are both homegrown and internationally renowned. They are all mega passionate about what they do and are excited to come down and share their knowledge and stories with Otago students. Check out the Festival Speakers and Workshop presenters!

Tickets are $15 (WHAT A STEAL) but even better you can buy 2 tickets for $20!!!

So get your mates together and sign-up now to be a part of the Silverline Festival 2017 and #Challengethestruggle