Getting Comfy With The Uncomfortable (Morning Only)

Practising the difficult conversations and challenging the ‘brave face’ mentality.

Facilitated by Marea Colombo

Mental Health and the Media – Challenging Destructive Representations (Morning only)

Seen any anxiety memes around lately? What do you think about all these celebrities checking them into rehab for mental health? In this workshop we’ll be having a yarn about how mental health is represented in media, especially social media and pop culture and our own everyday conversations.

Facilitated by Jean Balchin


Free the Funk – Challenging the Mental Health Stigma (R)

How do we help more people free the funk and talk about mental health? Generate creative ways to start conversations that never usually happen about mental health.

Facilitated by Grant Trebilco | OneWave

Healthy Relationships (R)

Love is inevitable, we are all here looking for it. But how do you find balance?Where do you draw the line. And what the heck is this self-love stuff?

Facilitated by Irene Wakefield | Prepair NZ

Alcohol and You (R)

Imagine a world where drinking is an individual choice, not a cultural expectation. A world where confidence and identity aren’t measured in standard servings. A world of better choices, fewer hangovers and unforgettable Sunday mornings. Learn how to support your friends, how to talk about alcohol, and how to discover and maintain your personal comfort level around booze.

Facilitated by Zane Pocock | Hello Sunday Morning

Take A Stand (R)

Challenge and change our cultural norms that make sexual violence acceptable.

Facilitated by Richie Hardcore

Beating Stress and Squashing Procrastination (Afternoon Only)

Juggling exams, work and relationships can get a little intense sometimes.  So how do we cope with the pressures of student life?

This workshop arms students with an understanding of the science of stress, why we procrastinate and effective strategies that can be built into everyday life to help sharpen concentration, reduce anxiety and regulate emotions.

  • Understand how the mind impacts the body, exploring stress reactions and stress responses
  • Learn why we procrastinate and build an understanding of your procrastination habits
  • Discover the connection between stress, mindfulness and the brain
  • Learn what mindfulness is and why it’s a super power
  • Learn how to manage everyday stress with mindfulness techniques

Facilitated by The Indigo Project


Mindfulness – What’s all the fuss about? (Afternoon only)

Mindfulness is rapidly changing the face of healthcare and the wellness industry. What’s all the fuss about? Explore this question and get a bit zen on it in this workshop.

Facilitated by Dave McQuillan who is the Programme Coordinator of the Otago Massage Therapy programmes.  Outside of this he teaches courses in mindfulness meditation, and Core Meditation.  He also has a private practice where he uses massage therapy, mindbody methods and mindfulness to help people with stress-and pain-related problems.

(R) – These workshops will be repeated in the morning and afternoon sessions.